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The Road to Black - An expert service program

Stage 1: "The Discovery" 

Begins with an in-depth information gathering questionnaire about the current service business operations.. 

Time Line: Three weeks prior to stage 2. 

Stage 2: "The Red Audit" 

An on site audit of the service business's current operations includes evaluating staff, processes, costs, pricing policies and gross margin contributors. The Red Audit will deliver a written action plan of recommended proven best practices designed to sustain and increase profitability and controlled growth. 

Time Line: Two days on site. 

Stage 3: "The Road to Black" 

Implementation of the recommended action plan and process improvements following approval by company principal. Activities include preparation of corrected inventory, accounting practices, customer service policies and procedures. Systems and staff will be trained and monitored to ensure results. 

Time Line: Depends on the scope of the work that needs to be addressed and willingness of the company principal and his or her team to make the investment in time and effort to make change in the business. Type your paragraph here.

Stage 4: "The Black Knights Round Table" 

Quarterly review and maintenance ensuring the business is achieving desired KPls and profits while setting new goals. Joining a peer group will give the service manager the opportunity to learn from colleagues and gain valuable input and solutions to common industry issues found in individual business. Peer groups are a mutual-help learning experience that supports the sharing of ideas and resources. 

Time Line: Two days off site each quarter. The company's service manager will participate in a peer group meeting with service managers from other non-competing companies facilitated by the pmdgroup coach